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Hair Dryers

Does It Come With Cool Shot?

"Of course! All the dryers come with a cool shot. Although many people ignore it, the 'cool shot' button on your hair dryer is there for a reason. Blasting cool air through your finished hairstyle helps set it in place for a long time while keeping the hair healthy."

What Is The Difference Between The 2 Nozzles You Get With The Dryer?

You always get 2 nozzles with every dryer. The first one is big and narrow, while the other one is small and a little wider. So, if you are working on coarse, thick hair (wavy to curly type) ideally you should use the first one for a more concentrated airflow & a nice finish. If the hair is fine, brittle, or chemically treated, it is advisable to use the second nozzle to maintain the quality of the hair.

Which hair dryer is recommended for salon use?

All AY.TY PRO Hair Dryers are best for salons, and you can check them out in the Hair Dryers section on our website https://aytypro.com/

 Brushes & Combs

What is the ideal temperature for brushes & combs?

The AY.TY PRO Brushes & combs have an adjustable temperature setting that goes up to 210°C. One can adjust the heat level based on their hair requirement.

Can AY.TYPRO Brush damaged my hair?

AY.TY PRO Brush is equipped with Nylon bristles that protect your scalp and hair from heat damage making it the perfect tool for everyday use.


How To Choose The Right Temperature?

The best way to choose the right temperature for your hair is as per its density and texture. For thin hair, the ideal temperature for straightening is 360° Anti winding cable and Super smooth one-pass straightening glide. Instant heat up, MCH heater and Anti-scald Handle, and Nano Gold titanium 3D floating waterproof plate.

Difference Between Titanium 3D Floating Waterproof Plates?

Nano Gold Titanium 3D Floating Waterproof Plate & Instant heat up recommended for curls or different hair textures. Wide plates are ideal for maximum coverage on very long hair, and help save a lot of time."

Appropriate Products To Use While Straightening?

Make sure to use the right shampoo, conditioner, or mask as per your hair type, density, and texture. To get the perfect finish, we advise you to use a heat constructor or a similar product. 

What Is The Difference Between Ceramic And Titanium Plates?

Ceramic plates are gentler and kinder to the hair. They eliminate frizz. Titanium plates are the latest innovation in hair straightening technology. These are made to have an exceptionally smooth surface, hence producing a long-lasting, glossy, sleek, and shiny finish.


How To Choose The Right Temperature?

The best way to choose the right temperature for your hair is as per its density and texture. For thin hair, the ideal temperature for straightening is Max Temperature 210+/-10°C and digital display. Press and hold the only button for 2 seconds to turn it on. Adjust the temperature by pressing it once after a time.

How To Choose The Right Size?

Curls are very trendy, and as professionals, we would recommend different curl sizes. Curl sizes vary from waves to beach waves, going all way to a vintage hair look. Smaller the size, the tighter the curls. Bigger the size, the softer the curls. We encourage you to have all the possible sizes to create different variations of curls.

How Does A Clamp Help While Styling Hair?

The clamp is one of the most important parts of the tongue. It allows you to hold the hair while tonging it to create different movements and techniques. As multiple techniques create different textures.

It Is Easy To Style Medium To Long Hair With Curlers?

We Indians have a history of growing long hair and being an Indian brand, we have considered that. Hence, for all curlers, we have kept the barrel size longer, so that even curls can be achieved from the roots to the tips.

Hair Styling Tools

How To Use A Crimper for Volume?

Crimper is the only styling tool that gives you a volume that lasts till the next wash. First, you must decide whether you wish to have the volume on the roots or full hair. For root volume, first blow-dry, then use a titanium crimper on the roots only. You can then finish your hairstyle with any type of texture. If you want volume from the roots to the tips- blow-dry, dry the hair to have a foundation. Then, use a titanium crimper from the roots to the tips, section by section, throughout the hair.

What Is The Difference Between 3 IN1 Crimper And Titanium Crimper?

AY.TY PRO Ultimo+ Nano Titanium Crimper with 40mm wide plates and Ultrafast Heat up in 60Sec with Digital Temperature and titanium 3 in 1 interchangeable Plate with different sizes with LCD Display with PTC Technology & Excellent insulation design.

Questions & Answers For Consumers

Which straightener can be used for personal use?

AY.TY PRO Simply Straight, Slim Titanium Shine, Pro Straight, and Ceramic are some of the hair straighteners suitable for personal use.

What is the difference between Pro Titanium Shine and Slim Titanium Shine?

The AY.TY PRO Slim Titanium Shine has slender plates compared to the AY.TY PRO Titanium Shine, which has wider plates.

Which straightener can be used for thick hair?

The AY.TY PRO Ultimo + Slim Straightener Shine is an ideal match for a long. Its wider plates and ultra-fast heat-up feature make the process smooth and efficient.

How to claim a warranty for the purchased products?

You can register your purchased products under warranty by filling up the warranty registration form mentioned on the website.

How To Sustain Curls For a Longer Time?

We advise you to blow-dry the hair before you curl it, as it provides a good foundation curl build-up. We advise you to heat every section for at least 4-5 seconds to be for perfect, long-lasting curls.

How To Add Volume To Thin Hair?

The best way to add volume to thin hair is to straighten the roots with titanium and flamingo. It will allow you to have volume till your next hair wash. After  Straighteners, you can style your hair either by curling or straightening it, and flaunt your now-volume hair!

What Is The Correct Way To Use A Dryer For Salon Finish Blow-dry?

Use appropriate products as per your hair type, texture, and density. Blow-dry the hair with medium heat and 50% airflow. Pick your choice of brush and blow-dry the hair section by section, from roots to tips, until you see the lustrous finish. Use the cool shot to get a salon-like finish on the blow-dried hair.

How Many Years Of Warranty?

6 Months Guarantee / 6 Months Warranty

How To Use A Diffuser?

Tilt your head to one side and apply some curl-enhancing cream or serum. Then, scrunch your hair to make sure the product is applied evenly. Take your dryer, connect the diffuser, and set a medium heat & flow. Allow your hair to sit on the diffuser, and let the air pass through evenly without too much movement. Dry your hair and finish the look with a serum.

What Are The Best Hair Tools To Carry In Your Kit For Traveling?

We advise you to carry a flamingo, combs, a paddle brush for detangling, a few section clips, curling tongs for waves, and a crimper to create volume in your hair.